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WA NumWell NameOperatorAbandoned Status DateCasing Cutoff FlagCOR Flag
02723CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN A- 074-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-MAR-2023YN
13966BONAVISTA BEAVERTAIL C- 033-B/094-A-15Bonavista Energy Corporation20-MAR-2023YN
00899CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN B- 053-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-MAR-2023YN
06542CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN C- 073-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-MAR-2023YN
00826CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN B- 062-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited19-MAR-2023YN
09495BONAVISTA ET AL RIGEL A- 096-J/094-A-10Bonavista Energy Corporation19-MAR-2023YN
03135CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 024-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited19-MAR-2023YN
01878CNRL ET AL WILLOW D- 029-H/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited18-MAR-2023YN
13707BONAVISTA RIGEL B- 100-J/094-A-10Bonavista Energy Corporation18-MAR-2023YN
11162BONAVISTA RIGEL D- 018-B/094-A-15Bonavista Energy Corporation18-MAR-2023YN
01840CNRL ET AL WILLOW D- 047-H/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited18-MAR-2023YN
14178BONAVISTA ET AL RIGEL C- 028-B/094-A-15Bonavista Energy Corporation18-MAR-2023YN
02861CNRL ET AL WILLOW D- 077-H/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited18-MAR-2023YN
02659CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 076-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited17-MAR-2023YN
01014CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 084-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited17-MAR-2023YN
00721CNRL ET AL ALDER C- 039-I/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited17-MAR-2023YN
07904CNRL WEASEL A- 074-B/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited16-MAR-2023YN
22964COP TEAL 09-19-087-22ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.16-MAR-2023YN
06329CNRL W WEASEL D- 093-C/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited16-MAR-2023YN
04634CNRL ET AL W MILLIGAN A- 022-F/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited16-MAR-2023YN
01906CNRL ET AL WEASEL D- 077-B/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited16-MAR-2023YN
20583COP CACHE 06-05-088-22ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.15-MAR-2023YN
01463CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 003-J/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited15-MAR-2023YN
02056CNRL MILLIGAN B- 043-J/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited15-MAR-2023YN
01389CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 093-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited15-MAR-2023YN
23567COP ET AL FIREWEED B-A083-A/094-A-13ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.13-MAR-2023YN
08808COP FIREWEED D- 013-A/094-A-13ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.13-MAR-2023YN
09947BONAVISTA ET AL RIGEL D- 036-C/094-A-15Bonavista Energy Corporation12-MAR-2023YN
13557HARVEST HZ HAY B-A094-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.11-MAR-2023YN
08685ORPHAN ALCAN KYKLO C- 019-A/094-I-14Orphan Fund10-MAR-2023YN
17777ORPHAN PREDATOR STODDART 02-22-085-19Orphan Fund10-MAR-2023YN
12919BONAVISTA BARNWELL RIGEL C- 070-L/094-A-09Bonavista Energy Corporation09-MAR-2023YN
05893CNRL MILLIGAN D- 077-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited09-MAR-2023YN
00689CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 075-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited09-MAR-2023YN
01042CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN B- 003-J/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited09-MAR-2023YN
22847CANCEN ET AL KOTCHO C-B067-K/094-I-14Cancen Oil Processors B.C. Inc.09-MAR-2023YN
16458ORPHAN SANLING SUNRISE 01-11-079-17Orphan Fund09-MAR-2023YN
15482CNRL WEASEL A- 084-B/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited08-MAR-2023YN
23749ORPHAN GUNNELL A- 079-A/094-P-04Orphan Fund08-MAR-2023YN
01775CNRL ET AL WEASEL D- 095-B/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited08-MAR-2023YN
00435CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 043-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited08-MAR-2023YN
17199HARVEST HAY A- 051-I/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.08-MAR-2023YN
00440CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 063-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited07-MAR-2023YN
04009ORPHAN PREDATOR WILDER 06-22-083-20Orphan Fund07-MAR-2023YN
04558ORPHAN PREDATOR MONIAS 07-34-082-21Orphan Fund07-MAR-2023YN
18479HARVEST HAY B- 038-H/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.07-MAR-2023YN
26903HARVEST HAY C- 015-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.07-MAR-2023YN
06997CNRL HUNTER A- 009-A/094-H-07Canadian Natural Resources Limited07-MAR-2023YN
03003ORPHAN PREDATOR MONIAS 06-06-083-20Orphan Fund07-MAR-2023YN
12426HARVEST HAY C- 044-I/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.06-MAR-2023YN
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