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Well and Facility IDs

Wa NumberKermit Well Facility IdWell Surface LocationOperator
0002900018360 14-21-083-18Orphan Fund
0004200018361 04-10-083-17Orphan Fund
0004500018362D- 098-I/094-A-11Canadian Natural Resources Limited
0006500018363C- 010-A/094-A-14Canadian Natural Resources Limited
0007600018364 14-22-083-18Erikson National Energy Inc.
0008200018365 13-23-083-18Erikson National Energy Inc.
0008600018366B- 023-E/094-A-14Orphan Fund
0010100018367 06-06-086-13Whitecap Resources Inc.
0010300018368B- 038-C/094-A-13ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.
0010400018369 14-36-086-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited
0010600018370D- 021-L/094-H-03Imperial Oil Resources Limited
0012900018371A- 049-B/094-H-16Canadian Natural Resources Limited
0013000018372 04-27-088-17Tourmaline Oil Corp.
0013500018373 02-27-082-16Coelacanth Energy Inc.
0014100018374D- 094-I/094-B-08Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited
0016400018375A- 020-H/094-B-09Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited
0016500018376D- 082-I/094-B-09Canadian Natural Resources Limited
0016800018377B- 003-I/094-B-16PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.
0017000018378 08-20-083-18Erikson National Energy Inc.
0017200018379 02-21-083-18Orphan Fund
0017300018380 10-04-083-17Orphan Fund
0017500018381A- 034-D/094-A-13PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.
0017800018382A14-21-083-18Erikson National Energy Inc.
0018400018383A04-10-083-17Erikson National Energy Inc.
0019100018384A10-04-083-17Orphan Fund
0019300018385B14-21-083-18Orphan Fund
0019400018386 13-14-083-18Erikson National Energy Inc.
0019700018387 16-03-083-17Orphan Fund
0020100018388 11-32-082-17Orphan Fund
0020500018389D- 082-L/094-A-12PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.
0021000018390 06-17-083-18Orphan Fund
0021200018391A06-16-083-18Erikson National Energy Inc.
0021600018392 09-23-083-18Orphan Fund
0022000018393 10-31-082-17Predator Oil BC Ltd.
0022500018394 01-23-083-18Orphan Fund
0023000018395 06-16-081-14Canadian Natural Resources Limited
0023300018396 16-08-083-18Orphan Fund
0023900018397C- 002-E/094-A-14Erikson National Energy Inc.
0024200018398D- 050-K/094-A-12PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.
0024400018399 04-24-086-20Pavilion Energy Corp.
0025100018400D- 021-G/094-B-09Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited
0025300018401B- 069-A/094-B-16Canadian Natural Resources Limited
0025400018402B- 045-H/094-G-07Cenovus Energy Inc.
0025500018403B- 091-D/094-A-14Erikson National Energy Inc.
0026200027614 02-13-086-20Pavilion Energy Corp.
0027000018404 08-15-085-14Canlin Energy Corporation
0027200018405D- 046-D/094-A-13PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.
0029600018406 14-20-084-13Whitecap Resources Inc.
0029900018407C- 073-I/094-B-08Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited
0030000018408B- 009-F/094-A-15Tourmaline Oil Corp.
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