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Permit Status

AD NumberOperatorPermit TypeActivity DetailsDecision DatePermit Cancelled DatePermit Expired DateCalculated Expiry DateShort Term Water Use
Termination Date
100115556Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 0007434
Water Use # 0006209
100114546PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000606526-JUL-2023--25-JUL-202425-JUL-2024
100084560Pacific Trail Pipelines Management Inc.ERAAAssociated Activity: Campsite08-SEP-2016--26-JUL-2024-
100116403PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000627926-JUL-2023--26-JUL-202426-JUL-2024
100115812Plateau Pipe Line Ltd.ERAAChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000746203-AUG-2022--04-AUG-2024-
100115452Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000617312-AUG-2022--11-AUG-202411-AUG-2024
100114229Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000603317-AUG-2022--16-AUG-202416-AUG-2024
100113773Whitecap Resources Inc.ERAAWell WA Num # 4243330-AUG-2022--31-AUG-2024-
100115993Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000624315-SEP-2022--13-SEP-202413-SEP-2024
100116326ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.ERAAAssociated Activity: Access, Workspace12-SEP-2022--13-SEP-2024-
100119498Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd.ERAAAssociated Activity: Deck Site, Workspace
Pipeline Project # 000026537
100082835Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd.ERAAAssociated Activity: Deck Site, Workspace
Pipeline Project # 000023647
100082836Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd.ERAAAssociated Activity: Deck Site, Workspace
Pipeline Project # 000023648
100082837Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd.ERAAAssociated Activity: Deck Site, Workspace
Pipeline Project # 000023649
100114313NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000605822-SEP-2022--22-SEP-202422-SEP-2024
100114179Canadian Natural Resources LimitedERAAAssociated Activity: Workspace28-SEP-2022--29-SEP-2024-
100116610Pacific Trail Pipelines Management Inc.ERAAChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000762128-SEP-2022--29-SEP-2024-
100119163Westcoast Energy Inc.CERWater Use # 000667420-FEB-2024--30-SEP-202430-SEP-2024
100115994Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000624608-SEP-2022--01-OCT-202401-OCT-2024
100118679ARC Resources Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000661225-JAN-2024--03-OCT-202403-OCT-2024
100116098Trans Mountain Pipeline ULCCERAssociated Activity: Workspace
Changes In and About a Stream Stream # 0007533
100116405Foothills Pipe Lines (South B.C.) Ltd.CERWater Use # 000628014-OCT-2022--13-OCT-202413-OCT-2024
100116600Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000632718-OCT-2022--18-OCT-202418-OCT-2024
100113776Whitecap Resources Inc.ERAAPipeline Project # 00002583320-OCT-2022--21-OCT-2024-
100110074Whitecap Resources Inc.ERAAAssociated Activity: Aggregate Operations / Borrow Pit, Workspace
Well WA Num # 40131
100113158Whitecap Resources Inc.ERAAAssociated Activity: Workspace
Pipeline Project # 000025766
100116506Westcoast Energy Inc.CERChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000763821-OCT-2022--22-OCT-2024-
100107295Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000518113-MAY-2019--23-OCT-202431-MAY-2021
100107296Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000518216-MAY-2019--23-OCT-202401-JUN-2022
100107299Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000518508-JUL-2019--23-OCT-202430-JUN-2021
100107297Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000518310-JUL-2019--23-OCT-202431-JUL-2022
100109154Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.CERChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000557902-JAN-2020--23-OCT-2024-
100109272Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000536504-MAY-2020--23-OCT-202403-MAY-2022
100109909Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000554514-MAY-2020--23-OCT-202413-MAY-2022
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