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WA NumWell NameOperatorAbandoned Status DateCasing Cutoff FlagCOR Flag
19380CNRL BEG A- 048-G/094-G-01Canadian Natural Resources Limited19-NOV-2023YN
17812OVV ET AL SUNRISE 15-11-079-16Ovintiv Canada ULC19-NOV-2023YN
06480CNRL EAGLE 11-23-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited17-NOV-2023YN
07501CNRL UNIT EAGLE B04-36-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited17-NOV-2023YN
11337CNRL UNIT EAGLE A04-36-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited16-NOV-2023YN
05867CNRL EAGLE 15-25-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited15-NOV-2023YN
05877CNRL EAGLE 05-25-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited14-NOV-2023YN
04452CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 16-26-084-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited14-NOV-2023YN
04967CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 08-11-085-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited13-NOV-2023YN
06693CNRL W STODDART A06-04-086-20Canadian Natural Resources Limited13-NOV-2023YN
04596CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 08-06-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited12-NOV-2023YN
04975CNRL EAGLE 06-08-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited12-NOV-2023YN
06414CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 04-06-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited12-NOV-2023YN
04892CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 08-36-084-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited11-NOV-2023YN
06410CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 09-36-084-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited11-NOV-2023YN
03239CNRL EAGLE 06-27-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited10-NOV-2023YN
06307CNRL EAGLE 10-27-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited10-NOV-2023YN
06437CNRL EAGLE A03-35-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited10-NOV-2023YN
06334CNRL EAGLE A10-22-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited03-NOV-2023YN
05802CNRL EAGLE 14-23-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited29-OCT-2023YN
10607CNRL UNIT EAGLE B11-23-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited27-OCT-2023YN
10605CNRL EAGLE 07-23-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited27-OCT-2023YN
10765CNRL EAGLE A13-25-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited26-OCT-2023YN
10543CNRL EAGLE A14-16-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited26-OCT-2023YN
14234CNRL BUBBLES A- 070-I/094-G-01Canadian Natural Resources Limited25-OCT-2023YN
05636CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 02-06-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited24-OCT-2023YN
06412CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 04-07-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited24-OCT-2023YN
06413CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 12-06-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited23-OCT-2023YN
04574CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 14-31-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited23-OCT-2023YN
04997CNRL ET AL EAGLE 14-04-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-OCT-2023YN
04554CNRL ET AL EAGLE 08-05-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-OCT-2023YN
06305CNRL EAGLE 10-22-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-OCT-2023YN
06786CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 10-04-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-OCT-2023YN
11329CNRL UNIT EAGLE 04-35-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-OCT-2023YN
04544CNRL ET AL EAGLE 14-05-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-OCT-2023YN
06457CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 10-05-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-OCT-2023YN
10608CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 04-08-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-OCT-2023YN
04448CNRL ET AL EAGLE 06-05-085-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-OCT-2023YN
06983CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE A07-01-085-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited19-OCT-2023YN
04948CNRL ET AL W EAGLE 14-25-084-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited19-OCT-2023YN
07062CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 04-01-085-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited19-OCT-2023YN
06005CNRL ET AL UNIT W EAGLE 12-01-085-19Canadian Natural Resources Limited19-OCT-2023YN
17664ARCRES DAWSON 05-20-079-14ARC Resources Ltd.19-OCT-2023YN
06436CNRL EAGLE 04-25-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited18-OCT-2023YN
10542CNRL UNIT EAGLE 02-25-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited18-OCT-2023YN
23270CANLIN HZ GWILLIM C- 033-D/093-P-06Canlin Energy Corporation17-OCT-2023YN
04562CNRL EAGLE 15-22-084-18Canadian Natural Resources Limited16-OCT-2023YN
24135PACIFIC CANBRIAM FARRELL 01-31-083-24Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited16-OCT-2023YN
00164PACIFIC CANBRIAM KOBES A- 020-H/094-B-09Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited16-OCT-2023YN
13224PACIFIC CANBRIAM KOBES B-A062-I/094-B-08Pacific Canbriam Energy Limited15-OCT-2023YN
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