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WA NumWell NameOperatorAbandoned Status DateCasing Cutoff FlagCOR Flag
14165TOURMALINE HZ CONROY B- 015-K/094-H-12Tourmaline Oil Corp.11-APR-2023YN
10458ARCRES DAWSON 09-15-079-15ARC Resources Ltd.03-APR-2023YN
25578ARCRES SUNRISE 07-16-080-16ARC Resources Ltd.03-APR-2023YN
18719TOURMALINE CONROY D- 002-D/094-H-12Tourmaline Oil Corp.01-APR-2023YN
16839TOURMALINE TOMMY D- 008-L/094-H-12Tourmaline Oil Corp.01-APR-2023YN
12108TOURMALINE CONROY A- 075-F/094-H-12Tourmaline Oil Corp.01-APR-2023YN
11441PPR FLATROCK 03-09-085-16Prairie Provident Resources Canada Ltd.27-MAR-2023YN
10694BONAVISTA ET AL RIGEL A- 025-B/094-A-15Bonavista Energy Corporation27-MAR-2023YN
17642PPR RIGEL C- 051-I/094-A-10Prairie Provident Resources Canada Ltd.26-MAR-2023YN
11453BONAVISTA RIGEL 14-04-088-18Bonavista Energy Corporation25-MAR-2023YN
09181PPR RIGEL C- 061-I/094-A-10Prairie Provident Resources Canada Ltd.25-MAR-2023YN
18423ENERPLUS TOMMY B- 016-K/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation25-MAR-2023YN
17140NTE CANADA HZ KOTCHO B- 082-C/094-P-03NTE Energy Canada Ltd.25-MAR-2023YN
22235HARVEST HZ HAY D-A014-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.24-MAR-2023YN
17641PPR RIGEL C- 080-L/094-A-09Prairie Provident Resources Canada Ltd.24-MAR-2023YN
22242HARVEST HZ HAY D-F014-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.24-MAR-2023YN
00449CNRL ET AL WILLOW D- 020-H/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited24-MAR-2023YN
25238HARVEST HZ HAY D-G014-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.24-MAR-2023YN
08118PPR RIGEL C- 071-I/094-A-10Prairie Provident Resources Canada Ltd.24-MAR-2023YN
15849CNRL MILLIGAN B-A056-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited23-MAR-2023YN
00248CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 073-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited23-MAR-2023YN
11605BONAVISTA RIGEL A09-15-088-18Bonavista Energy Corporation23-MAR-2023YN
19272PPR ET AL RIGEL D- 012-A/094-A-15Prairie Provident Resources Canada Ltd.23-MAR-2023YN
02721CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN B- 075-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited23-MAR-2023YN
04051ORPHAN PREDATOR AIRPORT 06-36-083-17Orphan Fund23-MAR-2023YN
24832HARVEST HZ HAY C-E014-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.22-MAR-2023YN
24810HARVEST HZ HAY C-A014-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.22-MAR-2023YN
24833HARVEST HZ HAY C-F014-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.22-MAR-2023YN
08854BONAVISTA CALPINE RIGEL 07-22-088-18Bonavista Energy Corporation22-MAR-2023YN
13534CNRL W CURRANT C- 052-D/094-A-16Canadian Natural Resources Limited22-MAR-2023YN
00983CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 044-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited22-MAR-2023YN
01320CNRL ET AL CURRANT D- 039-C/094-A-16Canadian Natural Resources Limited22-MAR-2023YN
24830HARVEST HZ HAY C-C014-G/094-I-09Harvest Operations Corp.21-MAR-2023YN
12180BONAVISTA RIGEL A-A047-K/094-A-10Bonavista Energy Corporation21-MAR-2023YN
23368TOURMALINE BLACK B- 014-B/094-H-12Tourmaline Oil Corp.21-MAR-2023YN
00909CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN B- 052-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-MAR-2023YN
20686TOURMALINE ET AL BLACK D- 095-J/094-H-05Tourmaline Oil Corp.21-MAR-2023YN
00341CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 064-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-MAR-2023YN
10079TOURMALINE BLACK C- 085-J/094-H-05Tourmaline Oil Corp.21-MAR-2023YN
04996CNRL ET AL OSBORN 11-32-088-14Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-MAR-2023YN
00436CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN D- 074-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-MAR-2023YN
00180CNRL HIGHWAY A- 047-I/094-B-16Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-MAR-2023YN
01182CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN C- 072-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited21-MAR-2023YN
13761BONAVISTA RIGEL C- 035-B/094-A-15Bonavista Energy Corporation20-MAR-2023YN
13966BONAVISTA BEAVERTAIL C- 033-B/094-A-15Bonavista Energy Corporation20-MAR-2023YN
17525CNRL ELLEH C- 065-E/094-I-12Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-MAR-2023YN
06542CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN C- 073-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-MAR-2023YN
11031TOURMALINE BLACK A- 080-G/094-H-05Tourmaline Oil Corp.20-MAR-2023YN
15009HARVEST ET AL DAHL D- 077-C/094-H-09Harvest Operations Corp.20-MAR-2023YN
00899CNRL ET AL MILLIGAN B- 053-G/094-H-02Canadian Natural Resources Limited20-MAR-2023YN
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