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Permit Status

AD NumberOperatorPermit TypeActivity DetailsDecision DatePermit Cancelled DatePermit Expired DateCalculated Expiry DateShort Term Water Use
Termination Date
100114411Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.ERAAChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000713020-SEP-2021--21-SEP-2023-
100114399Westcoast Energy Inc.CERChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000713124-SEP-2021--25-SEP-2023-
100114170Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000603001-OCT-2021--30-SEP-202330-SEP-2023
100114171Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000603101-OCT-2021--30-SEP-202330-SEP-2023
100118071Westcoast Energy Inc.CERWater Use # 000654412-JUN-2023--30-SEP-202330-SEP-2023
100117206CNOOC Petroleum North America ULCERAAWater Use # 000644109-AUG-2023--30-SEP-202330-SEP-2023
100114454Trans Mountain Pipeline ULCCERChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000713629-SEP-2021--30-SEP-2023-
100116572ARC Resources Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000629530-NOV-2022--01-OCT-202301-OCT-2023
100114136Foothills Pipe Lines (South B.C.) Ltd.CERAssociated Activity: Workspace07-OCT-2021--08-OCT-2023-
100113412Trans Mountain Pipeline ULCCERAssociated Activity: Workspace19-OCT-2021--20-OCT-2023-
100114326Canadian Natural Resources LimitedERAAWater Use # 000604025-OCT-2022--25-OCT-202325-OCT-2023
100114325Canadian Natural Resources LimitedERAAWater Use # 000603926-OCT-2022--26-OCT-202326-OCT-2023
100114677Harvest Operations Corp.ERAAWater Use # 000607829-MAR-2022--31-OCT-202331-OCT-2023
100118057FortisBC Energy Inc.ERAAWater Use # 000658115-AUG-2023--31-OCT-202331-OCT-2023
100112496Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000583409-JUN-2021--01-NOV-202301-NOV-2023
100116667Trans Mountain Pipeline ULCCERWater Use # 000632113-SEP-2022--01-NOV-202301-NOV-2023
100114657Port Edward LNG Ltd.ERAAChanges In and About a Stream Stream # 000716908-NOV-2021--09-NOV-2023-
100114642STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD.ERAAWater Use # 000607712-MAY-2022--14-NOV-202314-NOV-2023
100117592Westcoast Energy Inc.CERWater Use # 000649005-APR-2023--15-NOV-202315-NOV-2023
100114732STRATHCONA RESOURCES LTD.ERAAWater Use # 000609512-MAY-2022--16-NOV-202316-NOV-2023
100114078Trans Mountain Pipeline ULCCERWater Use # 000602222-NOV-2021--22-NOV-202322-NOV-2023
100112011Westcoast Energy Inc.ERAAAssociated Activity: Campsite23-NOV-2020--23-NOV-2023-
100112729Enerplus CorporationERAAWater Use # 000586707-JUN-2022--24-NOV-202324-NOV-2023
100114372Crew Energy Inc.ERAAWater Use # 000606829-NOV-2021--29-NOV-202329-NOV-2023
100114340Crew Energy Inc.ERAAWater Use # 000604329-NOV-2021--29-NOV-202329-NOV-2023
100113834Trans Mountain Pipeline ULCCERAssociated Activity: Powerline, Workspace
Road # 06167
100113670Trans Mountain Pipeline ULCCERAssociated Activity: Powerline, Workspace
Changes In and About a Stream Stream # 0006984
Road # 06164
100115661Tourmaline Oil Corp.ERAAWater Use # 000620520-JUN-2023--20-DEC-202320-DEC-2023
100113942PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.ERAAWater Use # 000602420-JUN-2023--20-DEC-202320-DEC-2023
100115660Tourmaline Oil Corp.ERAAWater Use # 000620420-JUN-2023--20-DEC-202320-DEC-2023
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